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Six Essential HP Workstation Parts

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High-quality components play a critical role in keeping HP workstations running smoothly. At ServerWorlds, we stand by as a reliable partner for anyone in need of parts to ensure consistent performance. Our refurbished solutions can help with enhanced cooling, expanded connectivity, and precise control. To optimize performance with cost-effective solutions, browse these six HP workstation parts we provide in the ServerWorlds shop!


Airflow is essential for maintaining the longevity of an HP computer. Overheating can lead to performance slowdowns, system instability, and even hardware damage. Investing in a refurbished rear fan assembly can help prevent these issues. By expelling hot air and drawing in cooler air, this assembly prevents components from reaching critical temperatures, safeguarding your investment and ensuring reliable operation. With a properly functioning rear fan assembly from ServerWorlds, you can rest assured that your HP workstation will remain cool under pressure, enabling you to work confidently and without compromise.


Another way to regulate the temperature of your computer is with a PCA fan controller. Unlike the fan assembly, this provides you with precise control over the speed and operation of individual fans within your HP workstation. The PCA fan controller empowers you to fine-tune cooling performance based on real-time temperature data, ensuring that your system remains at optimal operating temperatures without unnecessary noise or energy consumption.


In the dynamic world of computing, connectivity is key. This PCI card cage assembly facilitates the addition of expansion cards, enabling you to customize your HP workstation to meet your specific needs. For instance, you might enhance your workstation's graphics capabilities by integrating a high-performance GPU, or bolster data storage with a RAID controller card. The modular design of the PCI card cage assembly provides the flexibility to adapt your workstation for tasks ranging from content creation to scientific computing. At ServerWorlds, we refurbish these assemblies to ensure seamless integration and reliable performance. With our quality-assured PCI card cage assembly, you have the power to expand your HP workstation's capabilities and tailor it precisely to your workflow, unlocking a world of possibilities and potential.


For remote control capabilities and comfortable management of your HP workstation, invest in a refurbished remote management board D-class. From diagnostics to system monitoring, this essential component enhances your ability to oversee and troubleshoot your workstation's performance, even from a distance.


Efficient storage solutions are at the heart of every successful workstation. The 3-slot SCSI backplane facilitates seamless integration of SCSI drives, optimizing your workstation's storage capacity and accessibility. These drives are the backbone of your data management, enabling quick access to files and applications. By connecting multiple SCSI drives to the backplane, you create a cohesive storage environment that enhances data throughput and system responsiveness. With this essential component in place, you'll experience enhanced workflow efficiency, reduced data access times, and the ability to handle demanding tasks with ease.


Effortless user interaction is a cornerstone of productive computing. The USB keyboard JB provides a comfortable and responsive interface for users to interact with their HP workstations. By offering tactile feedback and intuitive design, this keyboard ensures that every keystroke is accurate and efficient, enabling users to navigate through tasks seamlessly. Whether you're typing up reports, engaging in creative endeavors, or managing complex data, the USB keyboard JB enhances your experience by allowing you to effortlessly express your intentions.

As you explore your options for upgrading and maintaining your HP workstations, as well as other computing solutions, remember that ServerWorlds is your dedicated partner. We're here to provide you with the essential components you need to excel, not only in the realm of HP workstations but across a spectrum of computing environments. Our expertise extends beyond HP branded equipment, encompassing a wide array of solutions, including refurbished servers and used Dell servers, among others. Reach out to ServerWorlds today to discover how our expertise and commitment to quality can elevate your workstation experience.

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