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Sun Hard Drives

Over a decade of helping our clients find affordable and functional solutions for their business computing hardware has allowed us to have the experience you want when looking for your own. We only refurbish and supply the very best brands, so you know that you are investing in a product that will last. One of these brands is Sun Microsystems.

Our line of Sun refurbished hard drives are some of the best in the industry, coming from a company that has a long standing reputation of building products that last. However, our Sun hardware is different. From start to finish, we have been dedicated to understanding everything about our equipment, and that means doing all of our refurbishing in-house, with a staff of highly trained and educated technicians.

For decades, Sun has been providing quality products while remaining at the forefront of innovation. A company that stands by what they do, we stand by them and their products, even after they are no longer Sun Microsystems. That is why we have a huge variety of Sun refurbished internal hard drives, and the spare parts to fix them.

We don’t only stand by Sun, we stand by our ability to transform something old into a product that works like new. We are so confident of this, that we provide a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on every single one of our products.

Try this Hitachi hard drive. With years of experience creating quality products, it is the perfect addition to any system. Combining storage capabilities with an affordable price tag, this Sun hardware is just what you need.

From SSD to SCSI to IDE and Fibre Channel, our line of Sun refurbished hard drives is extensive, so we know you’ll find the product that is just right for you. Have questions about your product or about what equipment is right for you? With an in-house staff of some of the most experienced technicians in the area, we are here to help, so contact us today!