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Refurbished Sun Workstations

With an origin story that begins in the 1980s at Stanford University, the SUN workstation very soon became the blueprint for the original workstations at Sun Microsystems, and the inspiration for its founding. With three boards and a memory extension, high level hardware functionality was now available in one, single chip, thanks to VLSI integrated circuits.

Innovative ideas and solving old IT problems in new ways, Sun Microsystems refused to give up every time they were faced with a new challenge. The Sun workstation was improved until it was perfect.

At Server Worlds, we strive to provide you with a refurbished Sun server and Sun workstation parts that will be efficient and effective, giving you a system you can count on at a price you can afford.

The thin, compact microprocessor which was developed to replace Sun workstations, we have the Sun Blade workstation line will save you money. Up to 80 GB and 650 MHZ, these refurbished workstations are all done on-site, and stocked in our 60,000 sq ft warehouse, where we have them ready for you to purchase and ship. No more waiting, no more expensive workstations that you can’t afford, Server Worlds has the solutions that will save you money while providing a product that we stand behind with a 30-day warranty.

Check out our Ultra series as well. Built off of the 64-bit UltraSPARC microprocessor, they come in a variety of CPU speeds, so you can get the equipment you need at a cost you’ll love. With seven different options from the Ultra series, and numerous other workstations available, check out our wide selection today and find a Sun workstation that is right for you.

Questions or concerns about one of our products or our process? Feel free to contact us today and learn more! We have seasoned professionals standing by to help, and a friendly customer-first mindset which will leave you satisfied. Call us now!