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OEM Controllers & HBA's

Improve your company’s connectivity in a literal way with our selection of refurbished HBA’s and OEM Controllers. We carry a variety of brands, including your favorites like QLogic, Emulex, and LSI. However, we can offer these HBA’s at a better price due to our premier refurbishing process which gives you a good-as-new product without the brand new price tag!

As with all parts of your computing and networking systems, you need to be able to rely on brands you trust. In an age where data is so important, having a quality host bus adapter is vital to making sure that your data is correctly shared within your company and securely backed up on your storage devices. Our refurbished HBA’s have been meticulously tested to ensure their performance. We know these won’t let you down!

We have a variety of brands available so that you can pick the one you trust! QLogic is one of the more popular choices as they have been known for making high-quality networking equipment for years. While the two are now competitors, QLogic actually started as a spin-off from Emulex, another one of our brands. Both are big players in the HBA market and are trusted names. However, QLogic has held its place as one of the first manufacturers that comes to mind when shopping for quality HBA’s.

Emulex prides itself on developing hardware and software solutions which allow companies to work faster and become more optimized. The quality of their HBAs should allow you to find new ways to use technological innovations in your business. Run more virtual machines, cut-down on server power usage, and generally reduce the time you spend managing and fetching the data you need. Our refurbished Emulex HBA’s can open up all kinds of opportunities for your business!

LSI is proud of its commitment to building up the IT world’s infrastructure to better serve our data-focused environment, and you can see this commitment in LSI’s HBA’s. Built to keep up with increasing connectivity needs, LSI’s HBA’s are designed with your business in mind. For a product that pushes the industry standards to new reaches, LSI is a great choice!

Whichever brand you choose—and we have more, including Cisco, Adaptec, 3 Ware, and Myricom—you won’t go wrong with one of our quality, refurbished HBA’s or OEM controllers. We’re here to support your business, and we think that providing you with better connectivity at a better price is a great way to help your business grow towards its potential.

Have other ideas on how we can help you? Have questions about any of our HBA’s or OEM controllers? Contact us right away! We’re always happy to hear suggestions and help you. After all, helping your business means helping you make the most informed purchasing decision you can!