Electronic Recycling Program

ServerWorlds offers a complete electronic recycling program. We take care of everything for you — contact us today to get started and request your quote!



Skip the Landfill — Recycle Your Electronic Devices

Instead of throwing your old electronics in the trash, bring them to us and we'll take care of the rest. We will recycle or refurbish your old, broken electronic devices, no matter their shape, age, or condition. 

How It Works

Our electronic device recycling process is simple:

  1. Drop off your equipment
  2. We Erase Any Stored Data
  3. Items Are Either Disassembled and Recycled or Refurbished



Why Recycle & Refurbish?

When you recycle and refurbish your electronics with our team at ServerWorlds, you save your tech from a trip to the dump. There’s no reason to send old electronics to a landfill when they can be recycled, refurbished, and reused.

Electronics are full of valuable materials which can be reused, plus, some components can be disassembled and reused as they are. Other components can be smelted down and completely recycled. Electronics contain valuable metals, including copper, silver, gold, and palladium, among others, that are difficult to mine from the earth — mining these materials requires energy and produces pollution. So, why mine precious, limited metals from the earth when you can recycle? With each recycling and refurbishment we complete, we reduce our impact on the earth, and we help to keep tech prices low.

When it comes to recycling and refurbishing your electronic devices to help the planet, count on ServerWorlds —we’re your Maple Plain source for electronics recycling and refurbishing.



IT Recycling FAQs

What Electronic Devices Can Be Recycled? — We can recycle or refurbish many items, including computer and server components. If you’re curious about what you’d like to recycle, just get in touch with us. We’ll let you know how we can help and schedule an appointment for your drop-off!

Will You Take CRT Monitors? — Yes, however, we charge a fee to recycle CRT monitors. CRT monitors contain some toxic substances, which makes properly recycling a monitor more demanding. They also contain lead, cadmium, and other potentially dangerous substances. The fee ensures that we use safe practices to safely contain these materials.

Will My Data Be Erased? — Yes. We ensure immediate data destruction and will erase any and all data stored on your computer, hard drive, or other digital media storage device. Plus, we fully comply with NIST and DOD standards for data erasure, so you can rest assured that all of your previous information is completely wiped clean.


What Type of Electronic Equipment Do You Recycle?

  • Computers: Recycle any old computers — we will destroy any data. Verified Drive Wipe Certifications are available by request.
  • Networking Equipment: We will recycle all types of networking equipment
  • Cell Phones: Any old phone can be recycled.
  • Peripherals and Cords: Give us your unused cords, mice, keyboards, and other peripherals.
  • Computer Components: Any computer components can be recycled.
  • Batteries: We can recycle batteries of all types

Additionally, the following items will have a fee to dispose of. The fee below is per item.

  • LCD Monitors: $10 each
  • CRT/Tube Monitors: $25 each
  • Televisions Less than 30": $50 each
  • Televisions Larger than 30": $75 each
  • Printer/Fax/Scanner: $10 each
  • Media Device (VCR, DVD, DVR, etc.): $10 each
  • Microwave: $25 each


Ready to Recycle Your Old Electronic Devices?

Do you have an item or two you’d like to get rid of? Get in touch with us to schedule a drop-off time. Please take note that electronic equipment recycling and refurbishing drop-offs are by appointment only and are available Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM.

Free Hard Drive Wiping/Shredding When You Recycle IT Hardware With Us