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HP Back-up Power Solutions

HP provides back-up power solutions, including batteries, to protect the function of your server and computer. Browse through the selection of HP products we have here, and find the right solution for your server system. HP also carries essential power solution accessories, including the uninterruptible power system output modules, and UPS mini-slot network modules. Make sure you’ve found the right product to suit your needs; look through our inventory for the product with the proper voltage and power outlets to support your server or computers. Of course, our products also vary in the amount of power storage they’re capable of, so identify your power needs before you select a product.

As always, provides refurbished products. Refurbished products are in perfect working condition, and they’re put through a rigorous preparation before they leave our warehouse. For each and every product we provide, we always perform:

  • A Full Inspection: We’ll look over each piece of our refurbished product for any cosmetic damage. Damaged pieces are not sold.

  • Cleaning: We clean each piece, removing any dust that could potentially damage circuitry and wiring.

  • Testing: We test our products to make sure they’re working just as they would if they had just left the factory line.

  • Professional packaging: We carefully package our products individually to ensure that they make a safe journey from our warehouse to your doorstep.

Call on the pros at if you’re curious about our products, or need individual specs on the product you’re considering. Remember, we offer free ground shipping to all states in the continental US!