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EqualLogic Storage

Redefining storage area networks.

The Dell EqualLogic storage solutions have been renovating the market since 2001, when EqualLogic was formed. In a matter of three years, the company had already earned $52 million in financing from investors and were ready to sell to Dell for $1.4 billion, a price that was the highest known for a company financed by venture investors. The product was remarkable and the design was durable and this proved to Dell that it was worth an investment that would change their company for years to come, proving to you that it is brand you can count on.

At Server Worlds, we are dedicated to providing top quality products at prices you can afford. We never sell or stock products or names that we wouldn’t buy ourselves, and so you can always know you have an EqualLogic SAN you can trust.

Looking to expand your system’s memory and performance with one piece of equipment? Our disk arrays from EqualLogic are tailored just for you. With prices from $1,495 and a quality that will astound you, choose from this refurbished EqualLogic PS4000E or its PS6000E counterpart. An Enterprise Level, these products have 16 TB worth of storage and support raid 5, 6, 10 or 50.

From EqualLogic hard drives to fans, we have everything you need to make your system run effectively and efficiently without the price tag associated with buying new brand names. All of the reliability and none of the cost, our equipment is all refurbished in-house, so you can always call the specialist who worked on your equipment to get the help you may need.

Contact us today if you need help and find out how we can give you the storage you need at the price you want.