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Xsigo Systems produces a line of products that aid in network management. They offer I/O modules that allow any user to control a network virtually. We carry Xsigo Systems products including ethernet I/O modules, channel I/O modules, DDR fabric boards, fan trays, power supplies, controller boards, and power distribution boards. You can count on our Xsigo Systems products because all of our products are refurbished. Refurbished products are lightly used, and they are put through a rigorous screening process to ensure that they’re operating just as they should. This is what we do to refurbish each and every one of our Xsigo Systems products (as well as the rest of the products we offer in our online catalog here at ServerWorlds):

  • We inspect our products: We inspect our products for any visual defects. We don’t sell products that are worn or battered.

  • We clean our products: We’ll ensure that your hardware is dust-free. Dust-free hardware operates better and longer.

  • We test our products: We test our products to make sure that they’re operating at the height of their function.

  • We individually package our products: We package out products specifically for their dimensions. We want you to receive your hardware in superb condition.

Plus, we provide free ground shipping on all of our products. We’ll ship our products for free to any state in the continental US. Call on us if you have any inquiries concerning our products or our refurbishing process.