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OEM Video Cards

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Video cards - which are synonymous with graphics cards - are essential for making your computing visual. Essentially, a video card converts computer data to appear onscreen. Video/graphics cards control the quality of the image you’ll receive on a screen, which may be of particular value to users interested in playing video games, manipulating digital photography, or editing video on their computer.

Graphics cards have several components built in to them. A unit will contain a processor, memory storage, a cooling unit, and connectors that can take monitor plug-ins. These cards are essential for rendering program data, and operating system data. So whether you’re an architect performing three dimensional renderings on the fly, or an avid gamer addicted to the latest first-person shooter, you’ll need a high-end video card.

Browse our selections here, or narrow your search by manufacturer. We currently carry ATI graphics cards and NVIDIA graphics cards.

Don’t forget, our products are refurbished - which saves you money. Our refurbished products work and look brand new, and undergo a series of quality-assurance steps:

  • Testing. Every Serverworlds.com product is tested before it’s sold. That means your product is at the height of its running condition.

  • Cleaning. We professionally clean each piece of hardware we sell. Dust is a computer’s worst enemy (ok, maybe soda spills are worse), so we ensure our products are clean before they’re packaged.

  • Packaging. Tight, secure packaging ensures that your product will travel happy, and arrive safe and working like new!

Give us a call if you’re curious about the specs of a product, or if you have any tech questions or concerns!