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Combined media boards are essential for global communications. Call centers worldwide rely on these boards; as they support fax, voice, and software speech recognition. Like fax boards, combined media boards utilize telecommunication conversion. Browse our selection of media boards here, and find the right board for your needs.

Or browse through our Dialogic fax boards. Just like the Brooktrout fax boards we carry, Dialogic boards allow TDM and IP faxing. These boards use telecommunication to convert documents into fax information that is made legible to users, storage devices, and printers. Our products’ specs vary from model to model, so browse the full catalogue for the right selection.

And as always, you can call on if you’re confronted with questions or curiousities surrounding our products. All of our products are refurbished, which means savings for our clients without any sacrifice in quality. Each of our product undergoes a rigorous screening process to ensure their quality, including:

  • Inspection: We check out each of our products, looking for notable imperfections. We scrap any pieces that are damaged.

  • Cleaning: We’ll clean off any dust on our products, as dust can damage circuity over time.

  • Diagnostic Testing: We test each and every product that leaves our warehouse in order to ensure that their each working in perfect order.

  • Professional Packaging: Each product is specially packaged to ensure a safe journey from our warehouse to your door.

Check out our Brooktrout fax boards as well. Brooktrout products are top-of-the-line, and all of our products work as well as they would fresh off the factory line.