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If you’re looking into an HBA (host bus adaptor) you’re looking at devices that allow communication between your server or computer, and your network. HBAs assist the processor by relieving the unit of data storage and some retrieval tasks. In this way, an HBA can aid in improving your server’s performance. HBAs are similar with network interface cards (NICs), but NICs are specifically built to interact with an Ethernet network.

HBAs can communicate between storage devices, storage systems, or servers, allowing you to integrate your units. Performance of host bus adaptor depends on the speed rate. For example, a gigabit per second adaptor will perform more slowly than an 8 gigabit per second HBA. It is important to consider the necessary speed for your data transference when selecting a host bus adaptor that’s right for you.

QLogic is one of a handful of top HBA producers. For more HBAs, you might check out Brocade, and Emulex also produces and carries HBA units. Our HBA units are refurbished, which means that each of our products is:

  • Tested for performance. Our products are checked to ensure that they’re operating as well as they would if they were coming straight off the factory floor.

  • Cleaned. We clean each individual piece of each product, so your new hardware is dust-free and looking brand new.

  • Professionally packaged. We package each refurbished piece individually to ensure that your item is secure during its transit to your doorstep

Also, remember that we have a 30 day product guarantee, to back up the performance of our units. And don’t forget to call us if you’ve got any questions or concerns surrounding our refurbished products and your computing!