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Your computers are made up of several parts that, while they generate heat as they work, need to stay cool in order to work properly. As technology enhances, these components are manufactured to give off less heat, and the design of the computer itself encourages a natural convection, dispersing heat that does build up. However, there are times when both of these features aren’t sufficient to keep the computer’s components cool enough, and a backup system is needed in order to ensure its proper function.

Your computer’s cooling system is in place as a failsafe, to ensure that all of its components stay working and no heat damage occurs. That is why you need a quality system fan that can keep your EMC hard drives functioning at its maximum level. In this way, you are protected from the high temperatures which not only cause temporary malfunction, but can lead to a reduction in your computer’s lifespan, efficiency, and function, as well as permanent damage.

There are some situations which inhibit your computer’s cooling system, and it’s always important to watch out for them. These situations most commonly include:

  • An accumulation of dust which restricts airflow and acts as an insulator, keeping the heat in.
  • Reduced airflow, typically caused by unnecessary friction between any moving components or a misplacement of the fan.
  • Reduced heat transfer, which can be caused by several factors.

At Server Worlds, our dedication to excellence goes far beyond the average refurbisher. We pay attention to even the smallest details, which, when it comes to your refurbished hard drive’s cooling system, can mean the difference between efficient function and unexpected crashing. That is why we trust only the best when it comes to your computer’s fans.

While EMC is typically known for their storage solutions, their innovative attitude and knowledge means that the produce products that we can really count on. From their fans to the EMC Centera SN3, there isn’t a product that we refurbish or sell that we wouldn’t be confident using in our own business. That’s the Server Worlds promise, and that is why our clients love us. With a 30-day warranty, affordable pricing, and quality refurbishing with names you trust, see our selection today.

Need help trying to find the product you need? We have some of the highest trained experts in the field, working as your salespeople, and with their no-pressure, informative and friendly attitude, you’ll find exactly what you need at a price you’ll love. Call us now! We also add inventory every day, so check back tomorrow and see if we’ve added anything new!