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Refurbished Dell Workstations

Refurbished Dell Precision Workstations:


14th Gen: Precision T3430, T3630, T5820, T7820, T7920, R3930, and R7920


13th Gen: Precision T5810, T7810, T7910, T3420, T3620, and R7910


12th Gen: Precision T3610, T5610, T7610, and R7610


11th Gen: Precision T3600, T5600, and T7600


10th Gen: Precision T3500, T5500, T7500, and R5500


9th Gen: Precision T3400, T5400, T7400, and R5400


8th Gen: Precision 390, 490, and 690


Older Legacy Models: Precision 210, 220, 330, 350, 360, 370, 380, 410, 420, 530, 610, 620, 650, and 670


Dell has established itself as one of the leaders in producing, customizing and selling personal computers and workstations which are designed to specifically meet the needs of its customers. As one of the largest technology companies in the world and the 3rd most prominent seller of personal computers, Dell is a trusted brand for many businesses and organizations when it comes to outfitting employees with a dependable workstation. Through our state-of-the-art refurbishing process, we’re proud to supply your business with the parts it needs from Dell, including refurbished Dell servers and refurbished Dell parts. If this is the brand you trust, rest assured that we have all you need to furnish your business with reliable Dell hardware.

Dell didn’t become such a trusted brand by accident. They designed their business model around giving the customer what they want and need out of a computer. Their sales method was set up so that it was easy to buy directly from Dell and even easier to customize the specifications of the computers that were being ordered. In this way, Dell separated themselves from other companies who were much less flexible in their methods and that innovation is a large part of their current success. At Server Worlds, we’ve kept the spirit of Dell’s ingenuity, offering a variety of refurbished workstations which can be configured to order. This means that you get what you need out of your Dell workstations, and we think that makes the most sense.

We also ensure that you get what you need by putting all of our parts through our high-quality refurbishing process. All of our refurbished Dell parts are acquired from trusted dealers so we can keep an eye on the quality of the parts we get in the first place. Once we acquire the used parts, we hand them over to our specialized technicians. All of our techs are experts in certain brands and part types, so our refurbished Dell servers are only worked on by techs who are highly experienced with Dell servers, specifically. Before we allow any of our refurbished Dell storage systems, parts or workstations to be put on sale, we subject them to a rigorous testing process designed to make sure that our parts will serve you well into the future. Only after the parts pass our meticulous inspection are they allowed to be sold.

We carry a variety of refurbished Dell workstations, including configured-to-order Precision workstations, as well as the Optiplex series. For ultimate data storage and protection, be sure to check out our refurbished Dell servers and parts so that your business can centrally house its data in a safe location. You’ll find that we carry refurbished Dell monitors, spare parts and networking hardware as well.

At Server Worlds, it’s our goal to provide you with access to premium-quality computing and data storage hardware at prices which won’t bust your budget. We can do this using our highly effective refurbishing process which was designed specifically to save you money without forcing you to skimp on quality. Be sure to check out all we have to offer, from Dell as well as other brands, to get your office completely set up with the tools you need for success.

If you have any trouble finding the right refurbished Dell parts or workstations, please contact us right away! We want you to find the best solutions for your business and that means making sure that you have the resources you need to make an informed decision with your purchase. We’re happy to let you speak with our techs, answer any questions you have and give you sound advice as to which parts will best suit your needs. Contact us or, if you’re sure about what you want, shop online today!