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HP Integrity Servers

Since 2003, Hewlett- Packard has been supplying the IT Community with integrity server computers that allow every business from retail banking and telecom to manufacturers themselves, to access the most powerful mission-critical servers available for their heavy workloads. HP produced these Integrity Servers as a new solution to help those with the need for continuous application availability and extreme scalability and Server Worlds has taken this mission on as our own.

The goal of the integrity server line is to provide businesses with the resiliency, scalability and capacity to keep businesses both large and small up and running regardless to how many application may be running, what the system is being used from or how much data needs to be processed. Alone, HP did a great job giving us just that, and better yet, with the help of Server World’s expert refurbishers, we were able to not only improve each servers functioning, but also their server lifecycle. In turn giving our customers access to affordable, comprehensive, and enhanced HP Integrity servers.


The newly refurbished HP Integrity Servers we offer at Server World include the following:


With a range of Refurbished integrity server options so vast, it is important to note each serves individual capabilities. From the nonstop servers that perform best with workloads requiring fault tolerant availability and massive scalability, to the Superdome X Servers that work great for enterprise class applications requiring higher levels of application availability, each refurbished HP integrity server a different range of power to best fit the individual business’ needs.


Some of the features you will be able to enjoy with these Integrity Servers include (but are not limited to, or may not include for specific servers) are:

  • Dual Core Processors
  • Advanced Memory Capabilities
  • Internal And External Ultra SCSI Ports
  • Management Processors
  • 1 To 2 X 650watt Power Supply


That being said, we encourage you to look into the individual specs of each refurbished HP Integrity Server we have to offer.


If you are ever in need of help deciphering the differences, picking configurations, and/ or narrowing down your refurbished server options, our refurbishing specialists are always available for you to utilize. We never want you to purchase a server that either does not support your businesses needs or simply doesn’t have the capabilities to perform the functions you require.


We love to help people find the servers that will best tend to their business and processing needs. So, chat with one of our specialists today, using the ‘Leave a Message’ bar at the bottom of this page, or give us a call today.  Together we can put the power back in your hands!