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ServerWorlds carries 3Par components for your computer or server. We carry a litany of 3Par units including controllers, disk shelves, hard drives, network cards, and power supplies. Browse through our products here, or narrow down your search by clicking on the tabs above. Also, you can utilize the search feature at the top of the page to find exactly what you’re looking for!

Like all of our components here at ServerWorlds, our 3Par products are refurbished. That means you’ll get a computer component that’s proven to work, at a price that’s well below a fresh-from-the-factory price. For each and every product we send out the door, we perform the following checks and tasks:

  • Inspecting: We inspect your product for any visual defects. If we find something broken or battered, we simply don’t sell it.

  • Cleaning: We’ll clean your product, ensuring that dust won’t affect any of its components.

  • Testing: ServerWorlds tests all of its products to make sure they’re working perfectly. If a product malfunctions or doesn’t operate as smoothly as it should, we don’t sell it.

  • Packaging: We build packaging specifically for each product we send out the door. If it’s snug and secure, it’ll make it to your doorstep safe and sound.

If you’re curious about our 3Par products or our refurbishing process, please give us a call. It’s our job to connect you with high-end products and components for your computer or server.

And remember, we offer free ground shipping on our products throughout the continental US.