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Network Cards & HBA's

Your business runs efficiently because of your storage area network (SAN). By connecting this network of storage devices to your servers, your employees have the necessary access to your networked servers. However, the efficiency of this process, and thus the performance level of your employees, is determined by the quality of your IT equipment and your HBAs.

A host bus adapter (HBA) is built in order to connect your server to the storage area network, and is therefore an important piece to your storage system as a whole. By doing its job efficiently, your employees can access the storage when they need it, getting their jobs done more efficiently and allowing your business to increase productivity and power. While HBAs are generally associated with storage systems like fibre channels and SAS, they also apply to systems that use a network interface card (NIC).

A network card’s defining feature comes from its use of an Ethernet network in order to transfer data from network devices to hosts. Because of this, it is often referred to as an Ethernet network adapter.

Because these two elements work in conjunction in order to relieve your system’s microprocessor of data storage as well as retrieval tasks, having quality NICs and HBAs can greatly improve your server’s performance time, thus improving your company’s performance level. When trying to decide quality, look at the HBAs features, including its:

  • Interconnect Technology
  • Speed
  • System Interface
  • Port Count

At Server Worlds, our dedication to you and your business means that your success is our success. Because of this, we work diligently in order to provide you with IT equipment that you can trust from names that we trust. We would never stock, refurbish or sell a product that we wouldn’t trust for our own business, and our 30-day guarantee is just another way that we show you our commitment to quality.

In this way, we carefully select both the brands we refurbish and the products we know will give you lasting and scalable solutions. EMC has earned a reputation across the world for a level of quality that simply can’t be compared in the data storage industry. From an EMC HBA to their storage processors, nothing can come close to the innovative technology that this company produces.

Check out our EMC AX150 Dual Fibre Board or our EMC AC100 ISCSI Card, and see how our fully refurbished EMC storage solutions will give your business the boost it needs without the price tag. Contact us today for more information on our products or for help with choosing which is right for your business.