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Back-Up Power Solutions

Keep your system safe from power outages and decrease your power consumption with refurbished back-up power solutions. We carry some of the best brands in the power security market, including refurbished APC, Tripplite, IBM and HP power solutions. You’ll never have to worry about a problem in your system’s power with these quality, brand-name products. You also won’t have to worry about breaking the bank due to Server Worlds’ dedication to bringing you premium refurbished products.

Our system for refurbishing begins with getting our used parts only from trust sources. We then have our expert, in-house technicians fix them up until they are as good as new. All of our products are rigorously tested to make sure that they meet our quality standards before they are sold to you. From our refurbished APS Smart UPS products to our refurbished Tripplite cables, we can assure you that you are buying a power solution that is as good as new.

We are particularly proud of our broad selection of refurbished APC UPS units, PDU’s and batteries. APC has a long history of striving to protect the power supplies of the IT community through providing safe, reliable, and efficient power products. Server Worlds works to save you money by offering you refurbished products; APC works to save you money by decreasing your energy bills. Together, they’re a win-win solution if you need power solutions on a budget. Take a look at our refurbished APC Smart UPS options, as they are a good way to bring intelligent power protection to your business for a great price!

If Tripp Lite is your brand, though, we have you covered as well. Tripp Lite has been pushing for technological power and electrical advancements since their first innovations back in the 1920s. If you need Tripp Lite cables, uninterrupted power supplies or batteries then we have some selective options for you to choose from. After all, a company that has been dynamic and forward-thinking for over 90 years is worth trusting in, and when you can get quality refurbished Tripp Lite products from us to save money, the choice is pretty clear!

Check out our other options if refurbished APC and Tripp Lite products aren’t what you’re looking for. We carry solutions from IBM and HP as well so that you have a broad selection to choose from. Pick the brand you want, the price you like or both and bring quality power supplies and back-up power options to your IT solutions.

As with all of our products, if you need help picking the right refurbished power supplies for you, please contact us! We are always happy to help and we want to you to feel like you have the all of the resources you need to make an informed purchase. Ask us any questions you have and be on your way to more secure power solutions for your business.