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HP Server Racks

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Server racks are essential for data storage and server operation. Server racks keep your hardware organized and accessible. Server racks are a crucial purchase as they allow for heat loss. It’s important to keep your hard drives and server hardware cool, as servers tend to run nonstop for hours, and hardware can get damaged and fried at high temps. Some of our servers have built in cooling features, including chilled water systems and fan kits. And each unit has different dimensions and door orientations.

Since our server units are refurbished, you’re getting lightly used and nearly new products at a nice price break. We put all of our products through a rigorous preparation process before we send them out the door - in order to ensure that you’re getting the perfect unit. Prior to a sale, we perform:

  • Testing. We make sure your server racks are ready for mounting. Our refurbished units are in working order, just as they would be fresh from the factory.

  • Cleaning and cosmetic touch-ups. Our refurbished server racks and cabinets are checked for defects, cleaned, and made to look near new.

  • Appropriate packaging. We package all of our units safely and securely to ensure that they’ll make a safe journey to your doorstep.

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