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Juniper builds server and networking components; and ServerWorlds is proud to carry a catalog of their components. We currently carry Juniper transceivers, and port network switches. Our Juniper server components, like all of the products in our catalog, are refurbished, lightly used components. To ensure quality, we perform rigorous testing of all of our products while their in our warehouse. For each of our server and computer parts, we execute all of the following operations:

Visual Inspection

We look over each and every component we accept at the warehouse. If a part has a defect, we won’t sell it.

Cleaning to Remove Dust

It’s essential to remove dust from our products, since dust can cause electrical arcing that can ruin circuitry.

Product Testing

We test all of our computer and server parts to make sure that they work just as they should. If a part doesn’t operate as it would if it were straight off the factory line, we won’t sell it.


We professionally package our computer parts and server components to make sure that they have a safe trip from the ServerWorlds warehouse to your doorstep.

If you’re further curious about our refurbishing process, our refurbished Juniper server parts - or any of our parts for that matter - you can get in touch with a ServerWorlds representative here. Don’t forget, we provide free shipping on all of our refurbished, lightly used computer and server goods to all addresses within the contiguous United States.