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Refurbished Sun Servers

Professionally Refurbished Sun Servers

Quality, efficient, and smooth-running servers seem to be getting more and more costly. Especially for a growing business that needs to upgrade consistently, your IT equipment can run up the bill faster than you can keep up, and nothing is as stressful as realizing you need to expand but you can’t afford it.

That is why ServerWorlds strives to provide you with the refurbished Sun server that runs like new without breaking the bank. From quad-core processors to more modest equipment, we have a wide selection of features and prices so you can find something, no matter your budget.

Check out our Sparc 64 servers. From memory boards and fiber link cards to the entire unit, these Sun workstation parts are the best of quality and affordability.

For the more ambitious business owners, try out our high-end servers. 32 or 80 Core, with up to 336 GB and 20 CPU, these are the best of the best when it comes to a used Sun server.

Looking for something else? We have the very best stock in:

  • Sparc 64 Servers

  • Entry-Level Servers

  • Midrange Servers

  • High-End Servers

  • Cool Thread Servers

  • Blade Servers

With a 60,000 sq ft. warehouse filled to the brim with parts, servers, and the refurbished IT equipment you need, you’ll never go wanting. Our sales experts are some of the very best, well versed in their brands with thorough knowledge of the parts and system maintenance required to make our servers last.

With the most experienced technicians around, we do all of our refurbishings on-site to save you even more. Contact us today with questions about your system, concerns about buying a product, or to just find out more about what we do. We are happy to help and ready to serve!