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We aren’t just here to bring you the highest-quality refurbished servers on the market, we are also here for all the odds and ends you need to keep your IT infrastructure running smoothly. From Apple Xserve accessories to refurbished Xsigo cables and network cards to 3 PAR drives, adapters and accessories—we have all the parts you’re looking for. If you need older parts that are hard to find or newer ones at a better price, you’ve come to the right place.

Our refurbishing process is pretty simple and that’s part of what makes it remarkably effective. First of all, we only buy our refurbished Xsigo, Apple, Cisco, 3 PAR, and SGI parts from trusted dealers, so we know what kind of used product we’re starting with. Next, we have our expert, in-house technicians fix all of the parts we bring in until they are literally as good as a new product. Finally, all of our refurbished parts undergo rigorous, meticulous testing to ensure that there are no problems before they are sold to our customers. We will never sell you a part that doesn’t pass our high standards for quality.

So if you need replacement parts for your Apple Xserve, we can offer you a selective variety of drives and processors—with prices starting at under $150. We can also offer other Apple accessories, such as fan kits and SATA cables. For the little pieces that are sometimes hard to find, check our selection!

While Xsigo was bought out by Oracle in 2012, plenty of items out there still carry the Xsigo name and plenty of people are still in need of refurbished Xsigo products. If you are one of those people in need then take a look at our selection of refurbished Xsigo cables, cards and boards. You can trust the Xsigo name and you can trust our quality.

3 PAR is another manufacturer that has been bought out but whose parts are still highly desirable. HP bought 3 PAR in 2010 and even though they’ve been absorbed into a larger brand, HP still likes to describe their 3 PAR line as “the only primary storage architecture you’ll ever need.” We have a variety of drives, batteries and port adapters from 3 PAR and we stand behind the quality of each and every one of those products.

If there’s a specific refurbished or used product that you are looking for or a particular need you need to meet, feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you find any niche product you are looking for if we have it available and we might have plenty of alternative suggestions if it isn’t. Either way, we are more than willing to help you get all the information you need to make an informed decision.