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If you need solutions for your company’s telecom, fax and media communication needs, look no further than our selection of refurbished telecom cards. We carry the top brands and product lines—such as Dialogic, IBM and Brooktrout. No need to go over budget on ISA and PCI boards. When you buy from Server Worlds, you know you are getting a quality refurbished product at a better price so you can save precious dollars and cents.

Our refurbishing process is extensive and involves rigorous testing so that we can ensure premium quality on all of our products. We only get our products from trusted sources and we only refurbish in-house by our own expert technicians so that we have complete control over the process. After our techs fix up the products, they meticulously inspect and test them to make sure they meet our high standards for quality. Nothing less will ever be sold to one of our customers.

If you need quality refurbished Brooktrout fax solutions, we have a large selection available. Our refurbished Brooktrout fax boards bring you intelligent faxing technology to support your business no matter what level of fax needs you have. Brought to you by Dialogic, the Brooktrout line of products has been bringing a large range of quality fax solutions to consumers for a long time and we bring them right back to you in a perfectly functional, refurbished state.

Should you wish to go directly with the Dialogic brand, we have options for you as well. We have many different refurbished Dialogic media, voice and fax boards available so you have plenty of opportunities to pick the right Dialogic products for your needs. Dedicated to pushing developers towards more interconnected, media-rich communications, Dialogic gives you premium quality right off the shelf. However, you don’t have to pay right-off-the-shelf prices for this quality when you buy from us. Our refurbished Dialogic boards start at just $150!

Take a look around at our refurbished telecom cards and see what the power of Server Worlds’ quality refurbished products can do for your budget needs. We think you’ll be surprised and impressed with just how much you can save!

If you need help with any of our selection of refurbished telecom cards and boards—no matter what brand they are from—feel free to contact us right away! We are here and always happy to help with any of your product selection needs. It’s our hope that all of our customers have the resources they need to make an informed purchase for their business, so if you need more information, please feel free to ask!

  • IBM RAS 8 PCI Card MW 50000679-01

    IBM RAS 8 PCI Card MW 50000679-01

    Specs:  IBM RAS 8 PCI Card MW PN:  50000679-01 The 50000679-01 is a fully tested IBM RAS 8 PCI Card MW. The 50000679-01 has been fully refurbished by The 50000679-01 will be professionally packed and shipped out via...

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