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Brooktrout fax boards are at the top in their field. Their intelligent boards allow TDM and IP faxing. Fax boards allow communication over a network. Through fax boards, documents can be shared between users through fax telecommunication conversion. Fax calls transmitted through a fax board may be stored, printed, or accessed by users. Fax plugs and circuitry vary model to model, so shop around for the model that will suit your fax and network needs.

As always, provides refurbished products. That means that you’ll get grade-A quality products at a discounted price. Each piece that we refurbish goes through a rigorous preparation process to ensure that your product will work like new from the day it arrives at your doorstep. Our process includes:

  • Physical Inspection: We’ll check your product for any cosmetic damage it may have. We’ll repair any visible damage. We don’t sell products that aren’t in perfect working condition.

  • Cleaning: We clean our products to ensure that each piece is dust free.

  • Diagnostics and Testing: We test each product to ensure that our products work right out of the box.

  • Packaging: We professionally package each piece, encasing our products in a secure travel-ready box.

Remember, you can always call on if you’ve got any questions surrounding our products, what we do to refurbish them, or anything tech. We’ll field your questions and provide you with any stats you need to build out your server. And don’t forget, provides free ground shipping to all states in the continental US!

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