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SGI Silicon Graphics

SGI, or Silicon Graphics International, builds a variety of server components. Here you’ll find some of SGI’s product catalog, including the SGI C-brick or compute node, fan assembly, power cable, power supply, and voltage regulator. Like all of our products, these SGI server components are refurbished, lightly used components. In addition, all of our products go through a scrupulous checklist before they are approved for sale through our online outlet. For each of our individual components, we provide the following checks and perform the following tasks:

Complete Visual Inspection of the Server Component

We visually inspect each of our refurbished computer and server components to ensure that there is no damage and there are no defects. If the part shows signs of damage, we won’t use it.

Thorough Cleaning of the Part

We clean our computer and server components to ensure that they are free of dust. Dust can create an electrical arc across a component and damage it.

Testing of the Component

Most importantly, we test our components to make sure they operate perfectly.

Professional Packaging

We package our products individually to ensure that they make a safe journey from our warehouse to your door. We ship our products throughout the nation and across the globe. In addition, we provide free shipping to any location within the 48 contiguous United States.

Please, get in touch with us if you’re curious about our products, their specifications, the refurbishing process, or any other server and computer related question. We’re here to connect you with pristine server components at affordable, less than market prices.