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Dialogic is a world leader in providing computer and server solutions. Dialogic specializes in building voice cards, fax boards, and integration boards, allowing for versatile communication across and between networks. If you’re in the market for Dialogic server components, you’ve come to the right place. Feel free to browse through our various refurbished Dialogic server components here.

Take note, we offer less than market prices on our server and computer components because they are refurbished. Our refurbished components operate just as they would if they were fresh off of the factory floor, because we put all of our computer and server components through a rigorous screening and testing process prior to shipping our products out the door. For each and every one of our products, we perform the following procedures:

Visual Inspection

We look over each server and computer component that enters our warehouse. If a part is visibly damaged, we won’t use it.

Thorough Cleaning

Next, we’ll thoroughly clean the component to ensure that it is dust-free. Dust can cause electrical arcing within computer components.

Component Testing

Testing our computer and server parts is crucial. We test our refurbished components to make sure they’re operating as they should.

Individualized Packaging

We professionally package your components before sending them out the door. Proper packaging ensures stabilization and security as the part makes its way from our door to yours.

If you’re curious about our Dialogic server parts, or any of our other refurbished computer components, feel free to get in touch with us today! We’re here to connect you with cutting edge technology at less-than-market prices.