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Refurbished Dell Servers

Refurbished Dell Servers


Dell is one of the biggest technology corporations in the world and they’ve built a reputation on putting the customer’s needs first when designing their data storage systems, workstations and other hardware. That’s why so many people choose to trust refurbished Dell servers; they know that the product was good to begin with, so as long as you can find a trusted company, refurbished Dell parts and storage is the way to go. Luckily, we are one of those trusted refurbishing companies, so when you buy your Dell servers from Server Worlds, you know that you are getting a great product which has been carefully restored to optimum working condition.

We carry a variety of refurbished Dell servers to suit the needs of any business. No matter how much square footage you have set aside for your refurbished Dell storage, we can help you get the units that will perform well for your business while fitting in your space. We carry the following options:


Poweredge 1U Servers
 Poweredge R620   Poweredge R610  Poweredge R420  Poweredge R410
 Poweredge R320   Poweredge R310  Poweredge R220  Poweredge R210
 Poweredge R200  Poweredge SC1435   Poweredge SC1425   Poweredge 1950
 Poweredge 1850  Poweredge 1750  Poweredge 1650  Poweredge 1550 
 Poweredge 860  Poweredge 850  Poweredge 750  Poweredge 650 


Poweredge 2U Servers
 Poweredge R820   Poweredge R815   Poweredge R810   Poweredge R805
 Poweredge R720  Poweredge R715  Poweredge R710  Poweredge R520 
 Poweredge R515  Poweredge R510  Poweredge 3250  Poweredge 2950
 Poweredge 2850  Poweredge 2650  Poweredge 2550  Poweredge 2450


Poweredge 4U Servers
 Poweredge R920   Poweredge R910   Poweredge R905   Poweredge R900   Poweredge 6950 
 Poweredge 6850  Poweredge 6650  Poweredge 6450  Poweredge 6350  Poweredge 4350


Poweredge 6U Servers
 Poweredge 6800   Poweredge 6600   Poweredge 8450 


Poweredge Tower Servers
 Poweredge T720   Poweredge T710   Poweredge T620   Poweredge T610   Poweredge T420   Poweredge T410 
 Poweredge T320  Poweredge T310  Poweredge T300  Poweredge 2900  Poweredge 2800  Poweredge 2600
 Poweredge 2500  Poweredge 2400  Poweredge 2300  Poweredge 1900  Poweredge 1800  Poweredge 1600SC 
 Poweredge 1500SC   Poweredge 1400SC   Poweredge T110  Poweredge 840  Poweredge 830  Poweredge 800
 Poweredge 700  Poweredge SC1430  Poweredge SC1420   Poweredge SC440   Poweredge SC430   Poweredge SC420
Poweredge 400SC  Poweredge 300SC  Poweredge 1300      


Poweredge Blade Servers
 Poweredge M920   Poweredge M910   Poweredge M905   Poweredge M805 
 Poweredge M720  Poweredge M710HD   Poweredge M710  Poweredge M620
 Poweredge M610  Poweredge M605  Poweredge M600  Poweredge 1955
 Poweredge 1855  Poweredge 1655   M1000E Enclosure   1855/1955 Enclosure 



You know you’re getting a good product from us because our refurbishing process is designed to only use the best parts and the best people to get you the best deal possible. We don’t just get our used parts from anywhere. We only buy our parts from trusted vendors, so we know what we’re getting to begin with. After that, we hand all of our parts over to our highly trained experts. Our technicians specialize in the parts they work on, so your refurbished Dell server will only be worked on by a Dell expert who specializes in servers. This way, we can ensure that every part we service is getting the attention to detail that we know you’ll depend on in the future. After our parts are fixed up, they undergo a rigorous testing process which is designed to make sure that your refurbished Dell parts will work hard for you when you need them to. If a part doesn’t pass our meticulous inspection, we will not put it on sale. It’s as simple as that.




  • Physicial Inspection:  We check for cosmetic issues or damage
  • Clean: We clean the internal components and the external chassis
  • Update Bios/Firmware:  We update the Bios/Firmware on all the components in the system
  • Diagnostics: We run Dell Diagnostics on all the components
  • Professionally Package:  We custom foam our servers in double walled server boxes prior to shipping


Dell revolutionized the tech industry when it started using a direct sales model which allowed the customer to order what they needed directly from Dell and to their preferred specifications. Obviously, this tactic has worked out well for Dell, as the computer company now enjoys its status as a household name. At Server Worlds, you’ll notice that several of our refurbished Dell storage units can be “configured to order.” Keeping in line with Dell’s philosophy, we too will customize your server so that it fits your business’ unique needs.

Data is more important to modern businesses than ever, and that isn’t likely to change anytime soon. Make sure that your data is secure, protected and easy to access by investing in good server technology. We provide it here for a great price due to our state-of-the-art refurbishing process so that your business can continue to move forward.

If you need any assistance finding the right refurbished Dell servers or parts for you, please contact us right away. We want to be your go-to source for your IT needs and that means making sure that you have all the information you need to make a good decision with your purchase. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to verify that the product you’re looking at will be the best for you. Once you’re sure, checkout online and start enjoying the benefits of good tech that doesn’t break the bank!