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Intel is a world leader in processor technology. And they know that performance really comes down to speed. We’re proud to carry a litany of Intel processors, so you can find the solution that’s perfect for your system. Remember, we also carry AMD processors, if you’d like to shop around.

Our Intel processors are refurbished, which means they’ve been tried and tested to assure that they work like new. We perform the following tasks on all of our refurbished products:

  • Physical Inspection:  We look at each piece for cosmetic damage

  • Clean: We clean each individual component

  • Diagnostics: We test each piece, ensuring that it performs as it would fresh from the factory

  • Professional Packaging:  We package our products individually to ensure that they’ll travel safely, arriving at your door in perfect condition

If you’re looking into a multicore processor, then you’re looking at multitasking speed. It’s important to understand that duocore, quadcore, and six core processors aren’t necessarily faster on clock speed. But these processors are leagues faster at processing multiple tasks and problems. Since each core can process a task, multiple cores can simultaneously process multiple tasks. Clock speed, on the other hand, determines how quickly an individual problem may be solved. If you’re tackling lot’s of tasks at once, you’ll need to consider clock speed and multitasking speed, in order to find the right balance. It’s important to purchase and install the right processor for your unit, as processors are far more difficult to uninstall and upgrade as you may improve the quality of your computer over time.