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Hitachi produces numerous high-end server and computer components. Server and computer builders around the world rely on Hitachi products to produce the right machine for their individual application. Here at ServerWorlds, we carry a litany of Hitachi products. Browse through our catalog of Hitachi products here, including circuit boards, power supplies, SVR boards, cooling fans, memory adaptors, and hard drives. As with all of our products, our Hitachi goods are refurbished, saving you money and saving landfills of waste. Refurbished products work as if they were brand new. We put each product through a rigorous screening process to ensure that our customers receive a product that’s operating at the height of its performance. Here’s what we do to refurbish our computer and server goods:

  • We perform an inspection: We look over all products we sell. If its dinged or damaged, it doesn’t leave our doors.

  • We clean each product: Dust can damage computer hardware. That’s why we thoroughly clean our goods, ensuring that they’re dust-free.

  • We test each product: We test our products to make sure that they’re operating as they would if they’d just left the factory line.

  • We professionally package our hardware: Pro packaging ensures that your purchase arrives in superb condition.

Don’t forget, we provide free ground shipping to all states here in the continental US. And as always, you can call on us if you’re curious about our products, including the Hitachi server and computer parts we’ve cataloged here.